The following message was given to me in 1991 while praying for a young couple I had been asked to join in marriage.

It is customary for me to seek the Lord's will in such matters, and to ask for confirmation before I made the committment.

As I prayed, God opened my spiritual vision and I saw in the Spirit a vast heavenly glass-enclosed studio with many easels standing about adorned with canvassed portraits. A powerful arm and hand emerged, picked up a brush and began to paint a double portrait on one canvas as He spoke this message for the young couple I was praying for.

Since then, I have shared this message with other young couples as He gave me permission to do so, and now I share it with young and old alike who have experienced, or are about to enter into, a marriage blessed and sanctified by Almighty God.

May it bless you whether you are nineteen or ninety and fill you with joy in the knowing that He cares so much for you.



Message To The Bride And Groom

-From The Father-

A long time ago, before the foundations of the world were laid, God knew you. You were just an idea in His mind, part of His perfect plan. Down through the ages the way was prepared for each of you. Ancestral marriages were performred, altering some genes and perfecting others. Generation after generation, His plan for you took shape and progressed.

Finally, when the time was near, God visited his studio, took up His brush, and painted that long-ago vision He had of each of you, giving you just the right height, the right color of eyes, hair and skin, and all of the talents and characteristic traits He wanted you to have. When He was finished, He had painted two masterpieces, one of a young woman and one of a young man. Then when the time was right, He visited your parents, approved conception and waited.

When you were just a whisper of life, too small to be seen with the human eye but large enough to be seen with God's eye, He visited each of you in your mother's womb and, holding you atop His finger, called forth the fulfillment of his masterpieces.

Years later, when you were ready, He brought you together, planted love in your hearts for one another, and today He seals that love with His presence here, to hear and to bless your promises to Him and to each other. From this day forth, when you look upon one another, remember you are masterpieces, created by God for His perfect plan and purpose.

If you will always look upon one another with the same love and the same appreciation and affection you do today, you will find that the masterpiece you have been given will grow more beautiful and precious as time goes by.

Never be discouraged by the way the world looks at you, they see you only through their eyes. Never be discouraged by the way your mirror looks back at you, it sees you only through your eyes. Rather see yourselves and each other as God sees you, as masterpieces, created by the master artist, and so cherishesd by Him that no discouragement will ever be allowed.

You are perfect for the plan He has and He does have a plan for you. If you will seek Him you will find Him. If you knock on His door, He will open it. If you askHim, He will tell you the plan, and if you willingly accept Him and His plan for you, then you will be what you were created to be - masterpieces - giving the Master pleasure.

Joan Krempel