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Hello and Welcome,

With modern technology it has indeed become a small small world. Yet there are literally millions who do not yet know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. It is for this reason that I, and many others of the same persuasion, have undertaken to reach those millions who surf the web searching for answers or at least some comfort. Many are hungry for truth and many more are simply weak in their faith and do not know how to increase it and help it grow.

If you need encouragement, and most of us do at times, then you have found the right place to pause. Sending encouragement by way of world wide web is the best way I know to reach you with the rich and wonderful Word of God, sharing the stories of His mercy and the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ. I ask nothing of you except that you enjoy these desk messages and if you are inclined to do so, you may e-mail me with your comments.

A new The Truth Is column will be posted each week in order to give more visitors an opportunity to glean from each one. Written in story form, some of them have added imagery to give the story continuity but even this imagery is based on scriptural teachings or revelations concerning biblical times, places and events.

May the Lord richly bless you as you read with all the grace, love, mercy and understanding you seek and may you grow to know His majesty and the sweetness of His presence and in so doing, give Him all the Glory for His great work that is being done in you.

And now I invite you to turn the page and take a journey into the lives of real people who lived in real places, and learn of their own journeys toward God's sure and incorruptible eternity...

Joan Krempel



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