God Has Lifted His Battle Banner
For The Whole Wide World To See


The world at large may have missed it, for such things are revealed by the Holy Spirit. In Acts 2:19 and Joel 2:30 we read:

"And I will show wonders in Heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath, blood, and fire and vapor of smoke."

It was a prophetic promise and a warning to this generation, yet the unbelieving sector of this world is sleeping and it sleeps still in the face of the latest sign in the earth, a sign so huge in scope and so profound in content it all but screams at the nations of the earth. They do not see it, they do not hear it, neither will they notice the stirring of the winds when God arises from His resting place and the storm of the battle arises with Him...

From Dublin, Ireland came the news. To quote the article:

"Irish archaeologists Tuesday heralded the discovery of an ancient book of Psalms by a construction worker who spotted something while driving the large shovel of his backhoe into a bog. The approximately 20-page book dated to the years 800-1000, the first discovery of an Irish early medieval document in two centuries."

The article goes on to explain that it is a miracle find, a miracle that something so fragile could survive a thousand or more years in the damp soils of the bog at all, then to have it discovered just before it would have been destroyed forever if the backhoe operator had not spotted it in time. Bound in leather velium, very thick and wallet-like in appearance, the book was found opened to Psalm 83, inscribed in Latin, with all other pages stuck together with time and the cohesive dampness of the rich earth.

The team quickly recovered the book, studied it for some time, then refrigerated it for fear an overnight exposure to dry air would destroy the pages. It will be a slow process of months to dry it out and prepare it for display. Their miracle is a two sided coin. They see the miracle of an archaeological find. I see the other side of the coin - the miracle of Divine preservation, and the message of the open book - Psalm 83 - a prayer for the destruction of Israel's enemies.

Note that it was discovered after Israel’s battle with Hezbollah began, and note that it was found in Ireland. Now that may not mean much to you at the moment so let me try to brief you on this connection.

According to Herbert W. Armstrong, in his book, America and Great Britain in Prophecy:

The half tribe of Dan (that lived on the Mediterranean Coast as seamen) shoved off in their many ships when the Assyrians invaded the northern tribes of Israel. Going west through the Mediterranean they then headed north and dropped anchor in Ireland. The tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh also migrated to the British Isles a century or more later when Assyria was destroyed and the ten northern tribes, now assimilated with the gentiles,  began leaving Assyria for northern and western European regions, and beyond the sea, just a few hundred years before the birth of Christ.

The British lands were already settled, however sparsely, when the Romans came and built schools, roads and introduced a modern governing stability to the region. At that time England was a pagan land following the cult religion of the Druids, picked up in Assyria no doubt, with a barbaric culture. The Romans didn’t like them, thought they were the scum of the earth, not fit to exist, in truth, they were afraid of them. They finally outlawed the practice of human sacrifices but didn’t turn their backs on them…  

It was to the “lost tribes of Israel” that Jesus sent the Apostles. He knew where all the tribes had relocated, and he sent his Apostles in these directions. This is why you don’t hear anymore about the Apostles after the 12th Chapter of Acts. It was Paul that was sent to the Gentiles…

The half tribe of Dan that lived in Samaria were among those that were taken captive and these too would later migrate across Europe, to Denmark and the British Isles, marking Dan’s trail in all the places they went - towns and rivers named for Dan - as in Denmark, the Danube River, Donegal, etc. The Dans, Dins, Dens and Dons are found as “a serpent’s trail” in northern Europe and the British Isles, especially in Scotland and in Ireland. 

It was also the place where the descendants of Zarah, son of Judah and twin brother of Pharez, had migrated to. While the line of Pharez seeded the royal line for the throne of David in Judah, Zarah's tribe left Israel in the days of King David and settled in Ireland, long before the ten northern tribes were taken captive. There, a second royal house was established, the throne of the house of Zarah who was also son of the royal line and tribe of Judah.

In Jeremiah's day, when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem, the temple, and took the people captive, he killed Israel's King Zedekiah, all his sons and all the nobles in the land in an attempt to destroy the royal line of David. Of course, Nebuchadnezzar did not know, but God reveals in his Word, that Zedekiah had daughters (Jeremiah 41:10). God took these tender branches and put them in the hands and care of Jeremiah.

You see, Jeremiah's call and commission was threefold: to warn Judah of its transgressions and their coming judgment; to pluck up, to pull down the kingdom or nation God pronounced punishment upon; and to replant it in the time and place of God's choosing (Jeremiah 18:7-9).

During this time, in Babylon, God told the captive Prophet Ezekiel to write to the children of Israel (the lost tribes) that he was removing the crown and diadem from the exalted (high) Pharez line in Jerusalem and giving it to the abased (low) line of Zarah and that:

"I will overturn, overturn, overturn it: and it shall be (overturned) no more until He comes whose right it is and I will give it (to) Him." (Ezekiel 21:27)

Now it just so happened that the prince of Ireland was in Jerusalem when the Babylonian siege began and he met Tea-Tephi, daughter of Zedekiah and married her. By the time Jeremiah was free to escort them to Ireland, their son was 12 years old and Jeremiah was an aged white haired patriarch accompanied by an aged scribe named Baruch.

They arrived in Ireland, the princess daughter of the line of Pharez, married to the crown prince of the line of Zarah, and their son, together with the many gifts Jeremiah had brought with them. One of these was the pillar stone of Jacob, the stone he had slept on when he dreamed of the ladder to heaven, and had made an altar of the following morning. This stone has remained under the coronation chair of all three overturns, and today it is in Westminster Abbey in London, Queen Elizabeth II the last to sit over it when she was crowned the Queen of England in 1953.

I have been to London several times and I have been to Westminster Abbey. I have been to Scotland several times and have seen the ancient crowns of Scotland and England. I have walked through the residence of Mary, Queen of Scots, and browsed the annals of Scotland, a few with the names of soldiers who died in battle in both world wars. I saw my own maiden name many times and wondered about that.

While I knew my ancestors came from the British Isles, I always thought England – never Scotland. But then, there was an occasion when the Lord sent me to Wales for three days. While there, I began to weep at the beauty of the mountains and I asked the Lord, “Why did you bring me here?” His reply was immediate and sweet, “Why, daughter, I have brought you home.” I wept until I couldn’t weep anymore.

With the beheading of Mary, Queen of Scots, the throne of Scotland was overturned and the royal house was replanted in England where it would rule over all the British Isles, and later, over a commonwealth of nations. It was through the Judaic line of Pharez that David was born and the genealogy of Jesus Christ, as given through his mother Mary, would also come through the line of Pharez.

Now you may wonder how this could be if the Pharez line was killed off, except for daughters and the one daughter went off to Ireland to assume a throne there. Well, let’s take a look in Matthew 1:12-13. It was AFTER they were taken to Babylon that Jechoniah (Jehoiachin or Coniah) begat Salathiel and Salathiel begat Zerubbabel. This is the same Zerubbabel that returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple when the seventy years of captivity ended.

The Pharez line continued in Israel through Jechoniah, after the captivity, while the son of Tea-tephi carried the line forward in the British Isles. However, Israel never regained his former glory, nor did Israel ever again have a king on David’s throne. And, with the dispersion of the Jews in 70 A.D., a dispersion that lasted nearly 1,900 years, the Pharez line through Jechoniah is in question. Does it still exist? And if so, where is it? Israel is a democratic state today. There is no king in Israel, no throne of David, no temple and no prophet. Israel is watching, waiting, praying for Messiah to come and fill that seat…and so are we.

 It is important to remember that, while the breach between Pharez and Zarah had been repaired at last, the throne in Jerusalem plucked up and overturned, this did not prevent the Savior being born of the seed of David and Pharez, through Jechoniah and Zerubbabel’s “SEED of the woman.” It was the dispersion seventy years after the Savior’s birth, that the following of that seed in Israel was compromised.

So what happened to God's promise to David that his throne would be occupied forever?

It was plucked up, overturned, and replanted in Ireland.

Eventually, the throne in Ireland was also overturned and replanted in Scotland, then plucked up the third time and replanted in England. God had said He would overturn it three times and then it would be overturned no more until the one to whom it belonged came to claim it. Then God will give it to him – Jesus Christ - our Lord of lords and King of kings. At that time it shall be returned to Jerusalem, never to be moved again. Until then, the throne remains in England to this day.

Remember, Ephraim and Manasseh shared the sceptre and in the beginning they were together in this land of new opportunities. Within a few generations they had lost their language, their religion and their identity. They mingled with the gentiles, and became gentiles, as far as they knew, without remembrance or real knowledge of their Semitic roots.

When Jacob prophesied over the two sons, he said that Manasseh would be a "great nation" but Ephraim would be a "company of nations.” Ephraim's Great Britain became such a commonwealth of nations that the sun never set on the British Empire. America rose to such heights in power and wealth that no one could touch her. These two nations today, filled with the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh, still do not know they are Israelites instead of gentiles.

Many truly are gentiles, for they have come into these melting pots from every nation on earth, nevertheless millions of Brits and Americans belong to Israel and when the time comes, God is going to speak to them and tell them and bring them all together again. They are not all Jews, descended from the tribe of Judah, most of them are Israelites from the ten northern tribes of Israel. While all Jews are Israelites, not all Israelites are Jews. The term “Jew” or “Ju” is a shortened name for those of the tribe of Judah.

These descendants of the Israelites of the captivity are scattered throughout Europe as well and in the coastlands, the mountains and valleys of every continent. God knows every soul, every son and daughter of Jacob, and though they are currently "hidden" and sheltered from themselves and the world, they will one day be identified when the time is right.

Now we can begin to see how utterly futile Adolph Hitler’s plan for the final solution was. He had hoped to annihilate every Jew off the planet, just as Iran wants to do today, but it can never happen. God has it all covered…

Why was not any of this written down in the Scriptures? It is - you just have to dig it out and connect the dots. However, the marriage of the descendant of Zarah to the princess Tea-tephi, descendant of Pharez, will not be found in the scriptures. According to Armstrong, these details, though vague, are found in the ancient annals of Ireland. Look for the dynasty of Herremon, the name given the crown prince of Ireland when he ascended the throne of Ireland with Tea-tephi. Though many dispute (even strongly) Armstrong’s findings, I have found them to be, not only possible, but highly probable.

And while the tearing down and replanting of the three thrones are definite, as outlined in the scriptures, a study of the ancient migrations helps to identify the more interesting details. Many details about all these things are still secret, hidden in God alone, for the preservation of His people Israel, and the throne of David.

Even the name "British" is Hebrew. The Hebrew word for "covenant" is berith but Hebrew eliminates the nouns and the H sound. In this case they left in the "i" for the "y" sound and it became brit. The word for man is "ish" and when used as a suffix, it means a man belongs to...or is a member of...whatever. So we have Brit-ish, meaning - sons of the covenant.

Also, God referred to them at times as the sons of Isaac and Israel as the land of Isaac. They therefore became known as Isaac’s sons. Dropping the noun “I” produces Saacs sons and eventually this was shortened to Saxons.

And so it was from Ireland that God spoke, just days ago, to a world that is trembling with fear, but not necessarily listening to the only voice of authority that matters...

Remember that Joseph was the 12th tribe of Israel, and his son Ephraim became the firstborn of the 12th tribe. Manasseh became the 13th tribe. Remember too that Ephraim settled the British Isles at least two centuries AFTER Judah’s son Zarah settled Ireland with a new seat of Judaic royalty, was overturned to Scotland, then was overturned to England. Manasseh would forsake the 12-pointed crown of England for a coveted freedom to worship God without fear of persecution, a dream he pursued to the new world.

During the broadcast of the coronation of King George of England (Queen Elizabeth’s father), he was introduced to the whole world by the Archbishop of Canterbury as, “The King of Israel.” It is said that English annals do support the overturns of the crown and the lineage of the dynasty of Herremon all the way back to the first king of Ireland, to Zarah, to Abraham, to Adam. I have not seen these annals, but I cannot and I will not dispute those that say they exist.

Think about it! If Armstrong is right, if the throne of England can truly trace the lineage of the crown to King David, then the bride of Christ will not be predominantly gentiles as many believe. There will be millions of hidden Israelites in that bride that have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, just as the thousands of their fathers and mothers did in the early church. What a joyous surprise awaits so many on that glorious day…

One more little tidbit to chew on: When the Assyrian Empire fell, the Assyrians migrated north and west, (northwest) where they finally settled in what is modern Germany. Yep – those German designers of two world wars are the Assyrians of yesterday.

When the Babylonian Empire fell, the Chaldeans migrated to their final settlement in Italy. Yep – those Romans that persecuted the Jews and destroyed Jerusalem were the Babylonians of their yesteryear. Today the Roman Empire has revived, stepped up to the plate after centuries of “lying low” and it is on the move again. Today, as long ago, the world will soon know the cruelties and blasphemies of an antichrist, whether he will be an Assyrian from Germany or a Chaldean from Rome, he will be from the rank and file of the Roman Empire, known today as the European Union.


Out of God's good earth, found open-faced to the skies, as if bringing its cry to the light of day, and remembrance to the throne of heaven, a desperate prayer is also revived. Just as it cried out in another long-ago soul, it cries out today from the land of Ireland and the soul of God who heard it, unearthed it, and remembered the Psalmist’s plea - a plea that  echoes in souls today.

Listen carefully, and hear the sounds of prophecy, the sounds of weeping, the sounds of faith, the sounds of heaven and earth coming together through centuries, yea millennia, in a single prayer that embraces all time and space…

Psalm 83:

"Keep not your silence, 0 God; hold not your peace, and be not still, 0 God. For lo, your enemies make a tumult: and they that hate you have lifted up the head.  They have taken crafty counsel against your people, and consulted against your hidden ones. They have said, come and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against you.

The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites: of Moab, and the Hagarenes; Gebal and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; Assur also is joined with them: they have helped the children of Lot. Selah.

Do unto them as unto the Midianites; as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the brook of Kishon; which perished at En-dor; they became as dung for the earth. Make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb; yea, all they princes as Zebah, and as Zalmunna: who said, let us take to ourselves the houses of God in possession.

0 my God, make them like a wheel (the whirling dust); as the stubble before the wind. As the fire burns a wood, and as the flame sets the mountains on fire; so persecute (pursue) them with your tempest, and make them afraid with your storm. Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek your name, 0 Lord.

Let them be confounded and troubled forever; yea, let them be put to shame, and perish: that men may know that you, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, are the Most High over all the earth."

It is a cry - a cry of the soul - as vivid and alive today as it was when Asaph petitioned it in the days of King David. As it was then, so it is today. What a sign! But what does its “discovery” mean?

Note that it says, “They have taken crafty counsel against your people, and consulted against your “hidden ones.”

Radical Islam, China, Russia, North Korea, and so many others, hates America and Britain as much as they hate Israel. And their crafty counsel is their hate-filled goal for the destruction of all three nations and all three peoples. It is not altogether what we have done that has brought on this hatred. Such hatred and venom as we see today is inspired by the one that hates God and all that He loves. Satan knows where the “hidden ones” are. Foreign policy is an excuse – a distraction from the truth – a sure sign that not even radical Islam knows why they hate us so much. They are in bondage to the destroyer who is the real enemy behind every bit of it.

And now, suddenly, a sign in the earth has visited upon us…

I will share with you what I feel in my Spirit. I feel that this book at this time, found in Ireland, is confirmation of Armstrong’s years of research. I believe a Divine finger is pointing to Ireland and the British Isles with a message to all the earth for this latter day.

England is in dire straits today, all but taken over by Islam. Their moral climate is a shambles, their strength is spent, and their policies toward Israel not all that friendly. They seek to divide the Holy Land of Israel, along with our American president, therefore, I believe the handwriting is on the wall for England. England will fall from within, she will fall first because she is the mother country and was the first to fall spiritually. Soon after that, America will also be devastated. But Ireland, holding tenaciously to its faith, as it always has, will be spared…

This will not bring God pleasure. He has pleaded for many years with the hearts of men in both England and America. Great evangelists have come out of each land, great preachers of faith and faithfulness have carried the Gospel around the world from both countries. But the slippery slope of moral decay and godlessness that has brought decline to both nations has progressed while the preaching of the Gospel has suffered much loss of freedoms, and indeed persecutions, in both nations.

Tolerance is a word that is played upon these days for so-called political correctness – whatever that is – and thereby abolishing the Word and commandments of God. There is a time and a point where tolerance cannot be practiced, for the good of the people and a nation. In the face of wicked men tolerance should be set aside and the steady hand of righteousness and goodness should be the guidelines.

We have too many wimps in office today – wimps afraid of the “other side” and their lawsuits, their voices, their threats. What we see in America today is surrender, not to the ideals of our forefathers, but to the schemes and visions of corrupt politicians and judges who don’t have a clue as to the times and the seasons.

So they blame all our ills on the Christians because we have the voice of conviction they do not want to hear. We tend to aggravate their schemes, agitate their liberalism, and make their job ever so difficult. They court the voice of sure death and accuse the voice of redemption. In this, God is not pleased, and I hear a loud WOE to those nations that plan to delight in our destruction…

I believe this new sign is a warning to those nations that consult with one another to destroy Israel and her allies. The prayer was first petitioned three thousand years ago, has been before the throne many times since, and now - today - in this crucial day of threat from so many sides, God is saying to the nations and to Israel... "I have heard, I have seen with mine own eyes, and now will I arise. Step back, out of my way, and see the salvation of the Lord."

I don't know when, or how, or where, but the stormy might and weapons of Almighty God are going to fall - before the harvest is ready, while the whirlwinds of dust cover the land. When the nations loose their fury on Israel, God will release His fury on those nations. The unearthing of this book is an encouragement to Israel and to all believers everywhere, to look up, and rejoice, for he that touches Israel touches the apple of God's eye, and neither they, nor their wicked schemes shall prosper. Indeed, many cities and nations will fall and never rise again. The scriptures declare this and it is so.

Spiritual leaders in Israel are encouraging all of Israel to recite Psalms 83, 130 and 142 every evening at 6 p.m. Israeli time. If you want to join them, remember they are seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. So that would be 11 a.m. EST for those of you who want to support their faith with your own.

It can most assuredly be said that such a find as this is a sign to comfort and assure Israel and all believers, wherever they are, that God is very much engaged in this battle. He is the keeper of Israel who neither slumbers nor sleeps. It will not prevent the judgment that is going to fall on Britain first, then America, for that is correction and punishment we have earned, but let the world take notice with tiny Israel, you can't mock God and threaten His people without stirring His fury.

God will tear down, pluck up and replant whomever and whenever he chooses, but let mortal men beware of their own designs to do the same, for they are not God...

Joan Krempel
July 26, 2006


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